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Are you pre-approved to buy a home? Your budget could be more than you think

Patrick Filley

With over 25 years of management, editorial and marketing experience in the book publishing field, Patrick is a licensed real estate agent.

Feb 8 2 minutes read

Most people do not see a lender before they start going to open houses and finding a realtor – but they should.

And getting an online quote is different than being pre-approved. 

In fact, if you think that "pre-approval letter" you received from Wells Fargo, BOFA or Chase is your ticket to purchase your new dream home you better think again.

In this super hot Connecticut real estate market, coming in with a fully underwritten pre-approved home loan, whether you’re talking to a realtor or a potential seller, proves you’re serious and fully qualified to purchase NOW.

Taking this measure puts you in a premier position as a buyer and lets the listing agent and their selling client know the seriousness of your offer when prioritizing the multiple offers they are likely to receive.

After all, there’s nothing more disappointing than finding your dream house and then realizing, you're not in the best position to buy it.

The Marion Filley Team works closely with the highest 5 STAR RATED lending group in Wilton Connecticut.

We are privileged to offer you their services so you can enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing in any market.

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